Moonsea Adventures

The Bounty Hunter

Deciding to distance themselves from Phlan, Rane Thundaris, Damakos Vrago & Eol Radlinav make their way to hideout in the Quivering Forest. However along the way the dragonborn bounty hunter, Anzie Kopitar, confronts them on a bridge that straddles a fast moving stream. After an attempt to parley, a melee erupts. Kopitar and his henchmen fall in defeat to the steel, spells and arrows of the protagonists in a fierce fight to death.

After the battle, the characters acquire a magical belt and a silvered rapier and quickly mount their riding horses to seek shelter from a lightning storm that has moved into the area.

The Storm

The sky has been slowly darkening all day, and the smell of rain has been thick in the air. Now it has finally begun to fall, accompanied by loud peals of thunder that seem to roll across the landscape. The sun is hidden behind massive storm-clouds, and a cold wind blows from the north. As bolts of lightning begin to slam from cloud to ground and pieces of hail begin to strike the earth, the need for shelter becomes obvious.
Ahead in the distance, a large tor rises from the ground, its form illuminated by the occasional lightning bolt. It seems rocky and solid, and though climbing it in this weather would be folly, it might have some outcropping that would provide safety from the storm. The only alternative is to endure the weather.

Escape from Phlan
Adventure Summary

You weren’t looking for trouble, just some good adventuring leads. Before you knew what was really happening, you wound up in the middle of an information exchange, and now you have to escape from Phlan to preserve your very lives! Off the beaten path to shake any pursuers, you take to the wilds in the hope that you’ll reach a safe haven before you’re captured.

An Exchange Gone Wrong

In this encounter, the PCs witness an altercation between their contact, Inius Olger, and some nefarious individuals. The PCs quickly act to save Inius’s life from the corrupt guards and the half-orc Welcomer agent, Garret.


With the assassination attempt thwarted the PCs attempt to sneak out of Phlan undetected but the Black Fist are alerted to the PCs’ presence in town and are hot on their heels. Dashing down side streets the PCs use their athletics, stealth and gold to elude capture.

Unexpected Visitors

After making it out of Phlan, the PCs find themselves in the wilderness after dark. They quickly dispatch a band of hobgoblin brigands camping out in a ruined tower. Searching below the ruins they stumble into a lair of giant spiders. Damakos is paralyzed by spider venom and Eol and Rane kill the rest of the spiders.
Currently the PCs are hiding here as they take an extended rest.

Downtime in Phlan
In the Meantime

A month has passed since the massacre at Deepnight.

House Vrago pays for the resurrection of Damakos and his parents try to convince him to return home. Damakos defiantly rejects them and they sail back to Mulmaster. As Damakos recovers from his resurrection, a voice begins to remind him to pay heed to the source of his power.

Eol secures a collaboration with an unaligned fighter named Rane Thundaris while looking into some jobs around Phlan.

The Meeting at Deepnight
The party is summoned to receive a mission from a Harper agent.
Adventure Summary

A Harper agent proposes a mission that the characters are in a unique position to complete. The Harpers have captured a merchant that was going to illegally purchase a red dragon egg. The Harper wants the characters to pose as the merchant and any hirelings, go to the buy site, make the transaction, and place a magical device on one of the sellers so that Harpers can track them back to their place of residence.

After carefully hiding and positioning himself, the rogue fails to place the magical device on one of the sellers. The sellers panic and flee, taking the fake diamonds and leaving the dragon egg behind.

While discussing on what to do with the egg, members of the Welcomers come out of hiding and attempt to steal the egg from the characters. In the ensuing melee, three bandits are slain, the rogue is knocked unconscious but the paladin and warlock die from their wounds.

After awhile the rogue regains consciousness to find his companions are dead and the half-orc thug is gone with the dragon egg.

Several days later, the rogue notifies House Vrago of their sons death. The Vrago family promptly pay for Damakos’ restoration and raise dead services to a local temple. The Priests of Tyr prepare a proper ceremony and a funeral pyre is built for Jor Kel El body to ascend into the afterlife.

A month later, the warlock and the rogue reunite in Phlan to invite a menacing fighter to join them for finding work.


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