Damakos Vrago

Tiefling Warlock


Damakos grew up in the city of Mulmaster, one of the more corrupt and dangerous locations on the border of the Moonsea. Despite being a Tiefling in a community dominated by humans, the Vragos family was wealthy and well regarded due to their myriad connections to other well-off Houses due to their generous contributions to the statuary in the wealthy districts and their keen skills at spycraft, often using those secrets to exert gentle blackmail to protect family interests. They were best known for their extravagant yearly ball called “The Keening,” an event that highlighted various families’ pecking order among the wealthy and powerful. Those families failing to receive an invite realized instantly that more bootlicking would be required in order to receive Vragos family approval.

As a young man, Damakos was a lout, getting in fights, offending other nobles and being an expert layabout. One evening, while drunk for the 12th day in a row, he heard unintelligible whispers that his companions couldn’t hear. That night, he had a waking dream about a creature so immense and terrifying that he questioned his own sanity. The dreams continued, and the creature revealed itself as one of the Old Gods of legend, Great Cthulhu. The entity promised immense knowledge in exchange for Damakos’ devotion. It demanded that he leave his life of leisure and explore the world beyond the city, promising adventures in search of ancient artifacts. He grasped at the opportunity and realized that his path to becoming a warlock had already been made for him.

Damakos Vrago

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