Eol Radlinav

Wood Elf Rogue


Eol grew up in the Elven city of Myth Drannor. At an early age he was drawn to the Elven God Erevan Ilesere, “The Trickster”. His parent’s were devout worshippers of Correlan and frowned upon their son’s beliefs.

Eol would often venture out on his own to nearby human cities. He would always try and seek out the more dangerous parts of the city. On one such occasion he was jumped by a rogue who tried robbing him. After subduing the offender he noticed it was a very attractive half-elven girl. Her name was Corella. She begged for mercy and told him she could introduce him to her guild. Eol agreed and was brought to the Guild master who said he could be an apprentice but first had to proove himself.

Eol went on many low level assignments with Corella and learned much from her. The two of them become very close and fell in love. After a time the Guild master would allow Eol to join the guild but he first had to assassinate a member of the Elven Royalty in Myth Drannor. He at first baulked but was then told he did not have a choice. He would be given the name by a contact in Myth Drannor. Both he and Corella set out. Upon meeting their contact the name they were given was Radlinav’s own father. He refused but Corella said they would be killed themselves by the Guild if they did not complete the mission. Eol refused and as they were leaving Myth Drannor they were captured by Elven guards and brought before the council. When the council read the request to assassinate his own father he was banished from Myth Drannor never to return.

Upon returning to his guild the Guild Master was extremely disappointed and told Eol to kill Corella. If he refused they would kill her anyways and also him. Eol still refused but Corella could not bear the thought of them killing him so she swallowed a vial of poison and died instantly. Eol was then allowed to join the guild. He then vowed to never make the same mistake again and always completed his “tasks”.

After that he travelled to many other cities both human and elven and joined other guilds and learned about the underbelly of the goings on. He was for hire to anyone that could afford him and completed many “tasks”. He decided though that he would amass more wealth and status by joining a party. He had heard rumor of a tielfing warlock and human paladin who were looking for a companion. Perfect!

Eol Radlinav

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