Rane Thundaris

Human Fighter


Heavily muscled with long reddish brown hair and green eyes


Rane Thundaris was born in wartime. His village was rampaged when he was merely a young child. His tribe, known as the Morjal Clan, They are great warriors, who train extensively with hammer and axe, to defend not only their own land but the land of their neighbors for whom they trade with.

The Morjal Clan is known for farming the best rare wild berries and hunting wild boar, deer and bears. They sell the meat and pelts in their village, in nearby towns and across trade routes. Their boar pelts, which are made with wool of the lama, are highly praised as warm, durable light armor. They also make exceptionally-crafted two-handed hammers, Mauls, as they are called and sell them at high prices to traveling fighters strong enough to wield them. All of these goods have became a major source of wealth for the Majoral Clan and allowed them to thrive for generations.

When the Majoral Clan was invaded by an onslaught of foreign humanoid armies their village burned. Most of their women were raped and their fighters captured or killed. It was in this 2-day seize, Thundaris, only two years old, saw for himself the realities of war and bloodshed.

His people suffered for years. However, Tark Volmar, the clans great leader, percevered. The loss of his land and people only enforced his will to fight stronger, rebuild and thrive as a people. When the battle subsided, Volmar commanded all women to consummate their love of the clan with surviving men and bare a new breed of Majoral warriors, one that would never fall again. Thundaris, along with 30 other young boys were taken in by Lord Volmar and together they formed a new guild of champion class wariors. They would train, fight, hunt and kill both night and day to become the greatest warriors the clan had ever know.

In early adulthood, Thundaris mastered the hammer and axe. He would travel with Majoral merchants along the trade routes to protect them from bandits and renegade fighters. By the time he was just 16 it is said he had already slayed 11 adversaries. Who these adversaries were remained a mystery. Then, at age 22, Thundaris’s mother had passed. As an only child he yearned to see other worlds and use his skills to adventure the lands. He was given a Majoral horse to embark on his quest under the rules he trade it and bring back the payment when he returned. He would bring back more than the payment for a horse, he promised. He swore to his people that when he returned he would restore the Majoral village… and make it a kingdom.

Off he went alone, strong, proud, ready to face all that lied ahead. Ready to be the greatest Majoral fighter the world has ever known.

Rane Thundaris

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